Principal's Page

Picture of Jennifer Walker, Principal of Wilson Elementary School.
Dear Families,

Welcome once again to Wilson PK-8 where every child is a candidate for greatness! We’d like to take this opportunity to share our vision with you which is to create a school full of joyful, successful, readers, writers and thinkers. So what does that look like? To us, it not only means everyone doing their best, but it also depicts children who obtain happiness and joy in the learning process. When children are engaged and love learning, they will become lifelong learners. Our ultimate goal then is for our children to become creators and producers of knowledge and to LOVE doing it.

We encourage you to become active in your child’s total school experience here. We want happy parents who are willing to volunteer, provide input, and support us in our mission, so please consider becoming a very active member of our school community! Research proves that children whose parents or guardians are involved in school, do better in school. Your child’s teacher will be sharing BAG reports with you weekly and will be using Progress Book to keep you updated on your child’s behavior and grades. By staying informed through this tool, your child will know that you care and that you NOTICE their strengths, needs and progress. That is so critical to the work we do here at school! We so look forward to a rewarding school year, and are at your service for anything you need. We know that you have a choice in your child’s education, so we thank you for choosing us!

Educationally yours,

Jennifer Walker, Principal

Educational Meme says: "Education is the most powerful weapon we an use to change the world." Nelson Mandela
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