As we are navigating the world of Remote Learning, educators, parents, students alike, we

would be remiss if we didn't spotlight all of the wonderful things happening at Wilson


Sure this is a challenging time and we are all learning on the fly how best to support our

scholars to ensure their success.  In my role, as an Instructional Coach, I get to see the impact

that quality instruction makes, so I want to begin to make our Wilson Elem and Youngstown

community aware of some of the wonderful things I see happening in the classroom.

My hope is that in sharing out with our families, I can encourage you to stay engaged in your

child's education and help us extend the learning from the school day on.  So, please take the

time to watch our Video Spotlights and maybe you will even find yourself in the spotlight as a

parent who is in this together with us!  We appreciate you!!

At WILSON, we are GOING THE DISTANCE......from a distance!

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